Photo retouching is used by all photographers. It adds a professional look which has more to offer than the original shot. I specialize in digital editing for professionals as well as private clients.

I offer;

  • Retouching blemishes, scars, birth marks etc.

  • Evening skin tones, and smoothing skin.

  • Removing wrinkles.

  • Removing red eyes and brightening eyes.

  • Eye iris sparkle effect.

  • Teeth whitening.

  • Fixing make up, darkening eyelashes and eye brows.

  • Removing background distractions.

  • Changing background.

  • Color correction, enhancing contrast, darkening or lightening of the image.

  • Sharpening the details.

  • Removing unwanted shadows or light.

  • Combining multiple photos.

  • Adding or removing people.

  • Adding logos.

  • Product color changing.

  • Adding professional mood or tone to your photos.

  • Adding textures.

    ..and many more.


    I also offer services to everyone who is not happy with wedding or family, children photos taken by other photographers.

    If you have some personal images or holiday photos which went wrong I will be happy to help (bad light, unwanted person, burned sky etc.).

    Prices start from £3 / photo depending on how much work had to be done. You will pay only if you are happy with the result. There is no number of photos limit!